Education is the best hope for Haiti’s Children

Education Transforms.

We partner with rural communities to build networks of quality schools. Alliance for Haiti’s Children considers education to be the promise for Haiti’s future.

The Challenge

Haiti lacks a functioning public school system. Almost 90 percent of schools are private.

Rural communities cannot fund their schools, since most families live on less than $2 a day. In rural Haiti, many if not most families cannot afford to send their children

With no coordinated school system and little financial support, these schools struggle to provide a quality education. As a result, 80 percent of children in Haiti do not graduate from the 6th grade.

Of those enrolled in school, only 12 percent graduate from high school.

Our Solution

Haiti’s children need solid and consistent education opportunities to gain the tools to create a better future. Our programs open the door to school through student sponsorships. We focus on the quality of those schools through programs that train teachers and strengthen school infrastructure. We support learning through enrichment programs after school and during summer. And we support lifelong learning through the community library and computer lab.

What you help us provide

100% of what you give online goes directly to Haiti.

Student Sponsorships

Summer Enrichment Camp

Community Library and Computer Lab

Teacher Support

Academic Olympics

School Support

You can make a difference

With your support, we will give more children in Haiti the education they need to transform their lives.

Make a difference for Haiti's children
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Alliance for Haiti's Children partners with rural communities to build networks of quality schools to transform Haiti.
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